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"My husband just can't satisfy me the way the thrill of a stranger does. So I joined Fornidate. It helped my marriage so much that I told my husband about it. Now he's a member too! I haven't seen him in weeks."
- June, Manchester, VT

"A lot of broads are turned off by my direct approach of calling out to them as I drive by, or grabbing their butts in a bar. Those women aren't members of Fornidate."
- Pete, Mechanicsville, CT

"My wife doesn't want to have kids with me because I have a recessive gene that causes webbed toes. But with Fornidate I didn't need my wife to have kids. Now there are little webbed toe kids running all over the place."
- Jason, Orlando, FL

"I had a 20 minute layover in Boston with nothing to do. When I logged into Fornidate I found somebody else in the same predicament. He turned out to be my pilot!"
- Patricia, Burlingame, CA

"I've never been very good in social situations, but I still have the same needs as a regular person. Thanks to Fornidate I can fill those needs without having to do any personal growth."
- Fran, Mulbirch, TN